My First Stitch Fix Review November 2016

If you have no idea what stitch fix is, thats O.K.! I had no idea until last week…literally!

So…what is it?!

Stitch Fix is a service that matches you with a stylist and they choose 5 pieces of clothing that would be perfect for you. You let your personal stylist know your sizes, which area of your body you would prefer to cover up/show off, colors you like/dislike, etc.Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 2.41.55 PM.png


How does it work?

You can sign up by clicking this link. Choose how often you would like to get a fix sent to you. Decide if you want your fix to come every 2-3 weeks, once a month, every other month or every 3 months. I have mine set to every month.


Stitch Fix charges $20 for a styling fee and then ships your personalized package of clothes to your doorstep. If you decide to keep 1-4 items from your fix, the $20 gets deducted from that purchase. If your stylist did a fabulous job and you decide to keep all 5 items, Stitch Fix deducts the $20 styling fee, plus and extra 25% off the entire box. If you don’t like any of your items and decide to return the whole box, Stitch Fix keeps the $20 dollar styling fee. There is free shipping and the box comes with a prepaid return envelope that makes return super easy.

Who is Stitch Fix for?

Stitch fix is for everyone! I signed up because I am starting a new job next week at a law firm and I am in desperate need of professional clothes that fit my style. I am not very good at matching or finding pieces that work with multiple outfits. Shopping stresses me out,  I avoid it at all costs. My best friend is always up to date on fashion trends and happens to be the same size as me. She normally gives me her hand-me-downs. I now live 1,300 miles away from her, so I can’t rely on her gently used goods anymore.

This is what I asked for:

I read about 8,365,983,754 reviews before I took the leap to see what this was all about. After I placed my order I promised myself that once my fix came, I was only going to purchase 1 item due to my budget. Here is my Pinterest board that I linked to my profile so my stylist could check it out. I mentioned to her that I wanted absolutely no blue jeans, I needed to have my arms covered because I have a tattoo on my forearm that I don’t want showing at work, and that I wasn’t 100% comfortable in dresses or skirts.


My stylist, Lisa, was ON POINT! I was a little nervous because most of the reviews that I had read on others first fix, was negative. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like anything in my box. It turned out that I had a hard time parting with most of what was sent to me.

Here is what my stylist sent me:



My invoice:fullsizeoutput_70

I first thought that these items were all a little pricey. And they are. And I still have a voice in the back of my head saying this is a ridiculous amount of money for clothes. After talking to numerous people I have come to a conclusion. It is better to pay more money for a single item that will last you a long time, instead of paying a small amount of money for poorly made clothing that I will end up giving to Goodwill in a year. The quality of the clothes that I received was of good quality, I’ll even say it was great. Everything was very soft, comfortable and most important to me, looked professional.

What I got

The Nelli Knit Top:

Boring. I would never pay $54 dollars for a basic, long sleeve, grey, shirt. It was super comfy and maybe I would have worn it to bed. It’s not even worth posting a picture.

Leandro Henley Top:

I loved this navy plaid top. Sorry for the blurry photo.  It was really soft, flowy and it looked GREAT with the Kut From The Kloth pants and the 41Hawthorn Blazer. I chose not to buy it because it was not my favorite item and it was not a necessity for my new career wardrobe.


Elyse Printed Slim Strait Leg Pant:

These are SUPER stretchy. They also looked very professional, the picture above doesn’t do them justice, I know. They have a small check print on them and would go well with a lot of outfits. They were almost like fancy leggings. I had a very hard time parting with these, in the end again, I couldn’t justify $88 for fancy leggings.


The 41Hawthorne Corinth Elbow Patch Blazer:

I loved the fabric of this blazer as well. The arms were a little long so in this picture I had rolled the blazer sleeves up. Again, the fabric was stretchy, I didn’t feel as if I couldn’t move like I normally feel in a blazer, stiff. The blue went great with my blue Nautica wedges, plaid Henley top and the black and grey check pants.


41Hawthorne Maddysin Jersey Dress:

I initially told my stylist that I was not comfortable in dresses or skirts…she ended sending me this dress. When I opened the box I thought, its ….cute I guess?  Well I ended up keeping this dress! It was so comfortable, very professional and it fit me like a glove! I feel confident and beautiful in this dress, total keeper!! fullsizeoutput_64



Will you get another fix?

YES!!! I already signed up for my next fix to come on December 23rd. I can’t wait to see what my stylist comes up with next. It’s wonderful to not have to go shopping in stores, try on 5 million different pairs of jeans until you finally find a pair that fit, while elbowing the woman next to you because it’s a Saturday and they are the last pair left. I don’t expect my stylist to put all 5 items in the box that I will love. They try to get to know you the best they can with the information you provide, so BE SPECIFIC. Tell them, I do like this and I don’t like that and you will have get some great items that you might not have tried on otherwise.


Whatcha waiting for? Go get your first Stitch Fix!





I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix in anyway. I do not get paid to post this review. Everything in this post is my own, honest thoughts and words.

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