Well, I guess your wondering more about me!

I enjoy cooking, volleyball, blogging, anything to do with water, traveling and of course Netflix. I originally hail from Massachusetts …or they like to call it here in my new home of Texas, Massa-two-shits…for some reason Texans just can’t pronounce it. 😂

I found my new home by traveling by myself. I couldn’t decide where I wanted to move to and I knew that I didn’t want to stay in Massachusetts, so I up and packed my car and I was off, on a hunt.

I think that I not only found Texas but I think Texas found me. We have a great love for each other in the short amount of time I have spent here. I have even found a lovely man who I adore, Joshua, who I enjoy cooking for and exploring fun activities in the city with.

I know there are not too many posts currently, but I would love it if anyone out there on the world wide web has any questions or comments please go ahead and write to me!